Masks Will Become Optional In Harnett County Schools Starting Oct. 5

By Eliot Duke
Dunn Daily Record

Harnett County Schools Board of Education voted Monday night to return to optional mask wearing for students and staff starting Oct. 5.

The vote came after a two-and-a-half-hour long open meeting in which 30 residents signed up to speak on the issue.

Councilmembers Eddie Jaggers, Joey Powell and Don Godfrey voted in favor of the mask-option measure. Councilmembers Jason Lemons and Vivian Bennett voted against it before the board entered into a closed session Monday night.

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  1. So disappointing that the health and safety of all children is not the leading factor in this decision but instead gave into mob mentality.

  2. is common sense and logic finally beginning to breakthrough again?!? oh, and let’s not for the science… the real science that is
    thank you harnett county!! #restoringliberty

  3. Why, don’t parents want to protect their children? If the child gets sick and die the parents will have to live with the rest of their lives.

  4. The only thing that is going to change the Johnston County School Board is getting the NCAE – Member, Treasurer, President of the Teachers Union Terri Session and the other five liberal progressive liberal voted off of this board. They run as unaffiliated because they can’t run and win on the sick beliefs that they truly believe in and be proud of being Socialist Democrats. The NCAE that Terri Session so proudly represents is in full control of your Johnston County Kids and you Tax Money and is the reason the mask vote was reinstated by Order of The Teacher’s Union Authority!!!

  5. Knee jerk reaction to angry mobs? I agree it would be awesome, and it will be awesome not to have wear masks when people decide to quit playing politics and actually get vaccinated so we can move on from this mess.

    Hopefully we don’t follow the example set by Harnett county, here’s hoping schools in Harnett don’t have to get shut down in the coming months.

  6. nobody is stopping you putting masks on your own kids. This just says the government can’t force masks on kids. It’s that whole freedom thing.

  7. OMG, why is anyone concerned about a fake solution to corvid. I was in a plane not long ago and almost all the face masks were fabric and worthless. Another thing, I see these kids in packs playing everyday school was shutdown last year and guess what not 1 death has been reported in NC of a child under 12 years old. Children have a higher chance of dying due to someone being on their phone while driving than corvid. Maybe kids should stop getting into cars, ride a bike, play sports and on and on because someone may get hurt.

    • “Mob mentality” ?!?!?! I have seen NO ONE burning….breaking… Stealing ?!? Insert eye ROLL ! You want to “protect” your child the way YOU see FIT for the masked , as do the un masked want to protect theirs the same way , you see it harmful to for yours to be without others see it harmful to be forced with ! Freedom DONT STOP just cause you are scared and or offended , if mask work so well FINE you do you as others should be afforded the same CHOICE…. After all IF THEY WOOOORK SO WELL your child will be protected right (insert yet ANOTHER eye roll)

  8. Smh one mask doesn’t work if others aren’t wearing them. You wear masks to protect others from what you may have. So you’re wrong when you say your child can wear a mask and mine can be “free” not to. That’s just means my child is protecting yours from what he/she may be carrying while your child isn’t doing the same – not for themselves, but for their class mates and their class mates families.

    How “free” are you when you have to drive the speed limit? How “free” are you not to wear your seatbelt? Stop with the freedom thing , it’s dumb. It’s not about freedoms. We already have things in place that “limit our freedoms”. Eyes can be rolled but if you’re going to do so at least know what you are talking about and have perspective and quit regurgitating political talking points that don’t hold water.

    I’m sick of the most thick headed among us holding the rest of us back in the name of “freedom”.

    • No one is holding anyone back.

      This virus will never go away until we stand up to the tyrannical government.

      Look at Israel… one of the most vaccinated countries that is now experiencing more deaths than before the vaccine and now you are not considered vaccinated there unless you have had 3-4 jabs.

      It will never be enough for these power hungry, control freak, illegally installed tyrants.

  9. Israel was early on one of the best in vaccination rates, currently they are not. After an initial wave of vaccinated individuals the rest of the population has been slow to follow suit…sound familiar? Over 30% are unvaccinated in Israel (meaning never had one jab).

    The virus won’t go away if everyone “stands up” and refuses vaccines as you suggest. Your entire philosophy is backwards. It goes away when enough people stand up and get vaccinated. It’s so insane, it’s sad. We literally have a way out of this mess and some people are too brainwashed by their politics that they somehow make public health a left or right issue.

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