Middle School Bomb Threat “Not Credible”, Police Say

SMITHFIELD – Police said a bomb threat at Smithfield Middle School is not credible. Around 3:00pm Wednesday, a school employee located a note on a school desk in a classroom. The note reportedly contained the threat.

Smithfield Police were immediately notified about the note. Police said they do not have a suspect but are continuing to investigate.


  1. Let’s talk about bombs and guns. American kids r being slaughtered by people with assault rifles but there won’t be any change because our 2 N C senators hav been bought by the NRA

    • Afghanistan children were slaughtered by Biden drones…strange I didn’t see you post anything then . Let’s not forget the THOUSANDS of children a day slaughtered by doctors scalpels, forceps and suction machines and not a peep from you. Hypocrite.

    • Check out the big cities these days, people are being slaughtered in huge amounts by hand guns stolen from law abiding citizens… why not mention those people? Why not talk about the statistics of the overwhelming number of crimes prevented due to someone owning a gun?

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