Multiple Vehicles Damaged By Sunken Pavement

SMITHFIELD – Motorists who sustained vehicle damage from sunken pavement on N. Brightleaf Boulevard are encouraged to contact the Smithfield Town Hall. On December 27th, 2022 the town hired a private contractor to handle an emergency water main break under the highway.

A few days later, on January 1, 2023, at least seven vehicles were damaged at the location of the repair in the 500 block of N. Brightleaf Boulevard. Six vehicles sustained blown tires. Another sustained a damaged tie rod, according to police reports on seven incidents reported so far.

Police said the damages were caused by the failure of steel plates and the sunken pavement around them that were put down as a temporary fix for the roadway after the water line was repaired.

Brian Eaves, Public Information Officer for the Town of Smithfield said a private contractor was hired by the Town to take care of the emergency repairs on December 27th. “As with this issue, and any other that the public may believe the Town could be liable for damages, they can contact Town Hall and we will gather the necessary information to investigate those claims.”

The Town Hall can be reached at 919-934-2116.

No injuries were reported. The area has since been repaired again.


  1. So all of a sudden someone CAN be held responsible for damages to cars from the road way , duly noted!! Good to know for the future ppl !!! Cause you can sweet believe it’s ONLY because it was another contractor who did and the town is fast to throw them under the bus …. But had it been the towns ppl it would be a different story ! VERY informative article THANK YOU

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