Murder Suspect Released From Hospital, Formally Charged With Killing Elderly Man

SMITHFIELD – The suspect in the brutal stabbing death of a 79 year-old Four Oaks man was released from the hospital Friday evening and transported to the Johnston County Jail.

Isaac James Martin, of 116 E. Wellons Street, Smithfield was released from WakeMed in Raleigh where he had been undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds. Under heavy security, he was returned to Johnston County in an unmarked Johnston County Sheriff’s Office prisoner transport van accompanied by a marked patrol car.

Isaac Martin was charged with one count of murder. He was brought before a magistrate who ordered he held without bond. Martin was then transported to Central Prison in Raleigh for ongoing medical treatment and safekeeping.

Around 1:00pm Thursday, Martin allegedly stopped at the home of Keith Lloyd Slocum at 4092 US Highway 701 South, Four Oaks.

Martin is charged with attacking the Slocum with a knife outside the elder man’s home as the victim’s wife watched helplessly. While allegedly being stabbed, Slocum was able to shoot Martin several times.

Slocum died in his yard.

Martin fled in a Ford pickup truck. Responding deputies spotted the truck on Highway 301 near Smithfield and pursued the 25 year-old suspect until he stopped in the driveway of his home at Wellons and S. Second Street.

Martin was transported to WakeMed for treatment of his gunshot wounds after his apprehension on Thursday.

Upon his release from the hospital late-Friday, he was transported to the Johnston County Jail.

Crime scene tape surrounds the home of Keith Slocum at 4092 US 701 South, Four Oaks on October 28, 2021. Johnston County Report Photo

Additional uniform and plain-clothed deputies and jail staff were on hand when Martin arrived to transfer him from the transport van to the jail. Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell was also present.

Earlier in the day, Sheriff Bizzell released a statement to The Johnston County Report. “It is so sad that Mr. and Mrs. Slocum were living their golden years and while protecting his family and property, Mr. Slocum was murdered by a stranger in his own yard. We need to keep the Slocum family in our thoughts and prayers during this time.”

Sheriff’s detectives said the homicide appears to be random with no connection between the victim and suspect and no reason Martin should have been at the address.


  1. So sadly the local Socialist-Democrats that reads this story are anguished and angry that the elder Mr. Slocum was allowed by law to have that very fire arm that he shot his murderer with, and yes folks they have more humane feeling for the murderer that they feel has suffered needless wounds from a fire arm.

  2. Ask yourself why has WRAL stopped reporting murders here in Johnston County but will report on Commissioner Tony Braswell displeasure of funds being held back from the school board because of the CRT policy? It getting strange folks, are we like the frog in the pot of slowly heating water?

    • WRAL and other local stations are NOT serving the community equitably. They should be reported to the FCC for a license review.

    • Don’t worry about Hell….
      We don’t know about that, after all.
      Just do justice now.
      “NOW”, we can control.
      Just sayin’

  3. So someone more intelligent than me explain how this POS is allowed to remain free and to kill.? Do I live a perfect life? H*ll no .But I could without hesitation or guilt take this criminal regardless of who they are and save the taxpayers money. Pisses me offf

  4. Normally I’m level headed middle of the road guy but stuff like this sets me on fire. My wife may argue about my being level headed.

    I’m off my box for now

  5. I know the person who committed the crime and they suffer from serious mental health issues. This is what it can come to if untreated. I didn’t know it was this bad and I am deeply remorseful I didn’t do more to seek help for him. If you know someone who is struggling mentally let this be a sign you need try and help them immediately. This “POS” once had a 4.0 GPA and a full ride to play football at coastal Carolina. Turning point was a bad acid trip that made him deeply confused. 4 years of spiraling downward and continuing to make unnecessary
    bad decisions and here we are. He actually killed someone

    • I know him too Seth and you are absolutely correct… What the h*ll happen… what a waste of life and talent.
      but the day he walked of that field was the day that set this in motion.

  6. So he’s a “POS” because he had mental issues and ended upon drugs. If he had been your family member and did the same exact thing under the the same exact circumstances would they be a “POS”? Just asking? Life happens….. judgement always comes without complete thought!

    • I fully understand how mental illness and drugs led to this but I do not understand how we as people and court systems allow someone to continue down a pathway many times. No doubt he started out meaning to have a good life but stuff happens. I’m sorry if I rushed to judgement but I did and as I look into his eyes I agree something is amiss and it could very well be drugs or mental disorder. God rest his soul. Jerry

  7. I too knew this young man. What he did was wrong, that is without question. My prayers go up for the Slocum family and friends and they also go up for Isaac and his family. Mr Slocum’s family did not deserve this nor did Isaac deserve to be let fall through the cracks. I wish I had been able to stay in contact with Isaac when he went to college and maybe, just maybe I could have been there when he took a wrong turn but we cannot go back in time and I am no longer in the area. Now a family has lost a loved one and a once vibrant young man has ruined his life forever.

  8. Lee Oswald, Parkland Shooter, Stalin, Brian Laundre, Manson; all mentally ill, all fell through the cracks. Murderers all, and each one a POS.

  9. I see the editor’s note that “Your comments are awaiting moderation.” Mr Orwell, “1984” has arrived.

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