NC Values Coalition Endorses Knott And Weatherman In NC Run-Off

NC Values Coalition has released endorsements in two run-off races for the 2024 primary where voters will choose between conservative and moderate candidates in each race on May 14. Brad Knott is running against Kelly Daughtry in the Congressional District 13 contest, and Hal Weatherman is vying for the Lieutenant Governor top spot against Jim O’Neill.

“We are endorsing Brad Knott because of his character and commitment to the family values that made this country great. He was a federal prosecutor for the past 7 years prosecuting drug cartel cases, so voters know he will be strong on crime, border security, and drug and human trafficking. He is the only candidate in this primary election runoff who is a true conservative on all issues, including religious freedom, free speech, and pro-life,” said NC Values Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald.

“Brad Knott’s concern for his young family and the future they will have in this country, along with his faith, give him the perfect incentive to correct the course of destruction our nation is on and make it a great country again where our families can grow up to serve God without fear or hostility. True conservative Brad Knott is the clear choice for voters over his moderate opponent, who is weak on the life issue, and we encourage voters to get out and vote in the primary runoff election on May 14 for Brad Knott.”

NC Values also endorsed Hal Weatherman who bested 10 other candidates in the Lieutenant Governor primary but will face off against Jim O’Neill in the run-off.

“Hal Weatherman has done the work, traveling the state visiting all 100 counties in North Carolina connecting with voters to hear their concerns and spreading his conservative message of ending indoctrination and taking politics out of the classroom. Hal is a parental rights and school choice advocate and will address election integrity issues, as well,” said Fitzgerald.

“Hal Weatherman has been transparent about his Christian values, is vocal in his support for the unborn, and said he will support a Heartbeat bill if brought before the General Assembly. He is the only Republican candidate in this run-off who makes his position on abortion known. It is clear the family values candidate in this run-off is Hal Weatherman, who is the right candidate to run against the Democrat’s pick for Lieutenant Governor, who supports unlimited abortion up until the point of birth.”


  1. Question, who determines the Values of the NC Values Coalition. Sounds like a right-wing group of religious pundits

      • Again, Who’s conservative values? Or it it just what they want you to believe. Conservatives and religious idol worshipers are hypocritical who will sell themselves to the highest bidder.

        • Conservative values don’t belong to a single person, or group, beyond or separate from Christ. Those values come to fruition politically however through an originalist interpretation of the Constitution and finding the common ground between the Federalist papers and the anti-Federalist Papers.

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