Neuse Charter World Language Team

The Neuse Charter School World Language Team attended FLANC 2017 (The Foreign Language Association of North Carolina Annual Conference) at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center In Durham on October 20th and 21st.

This year was the 51st annual conference and was entitled “Lighting Pathways to Proficiency.”

Mr. Oswald Cervera, Intermediate and Senior Academy Spanish Teacher, and Mrs. Hilda Joyner, Elementary Academy Spanish Teacher, attended and participated in this prestigious event, where they shared, acquired, and updated strategies and methodologies to implement for their classes. Mrs. Joyner was nominated and recognized at the conference for being a FLANC Incredible World Language Teacher.

Neuse Charter School’s mission is to provide innovative approaches to learning by focusing on high academic standards, critical and creative thinking skills, character development, and multicultural experiences for grades K-12.  All stakeholders work cooperatively to ensure the NCS community empowers every individual to achieve his or her maximum potential.