New Abuse Allegations Against Father As 3 Month-Old Clings To Life

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that an additional charge has been filed against the father of a 3 month-old infant who remains hospitalized on life support.

Tuesday night, Johnston County deputies responded to Wake Medical Center in Raleigh after the infant arrived in the emergency department suffering from life threatening injuries.

The child’s father, Andrew Chance Weckesser, age 27, of Reams Drive, Middlesex was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of intentional child abuse causing serious physical injury. Authorities allege the child had been shaken causing critical injuries.

Following additional medical exams and x-rays on the infant, “older injuries” were allegedly found including two broken legs.

Weckesser was charged Thursday with an additional count of intentional child abuse causing serious physical injury. He allegedly admitted to a prior incident where the injuries could have occurred.

Weckesser was taken before a judge Thursday and his secured bond was increased from $500,000 to $1 million.

At last report, the infant is still at Wake Medical Center in critical condition.


  1. This helpless baby. Imagine the pain it was in from two broken legs! I wonder where the Mother and grandparents are?
    This man should never see life beyond prison! If he didn’t want the child, there are plenty of people that would be glad to raise it. Just unbelievable.

    • The mother was at work. It was a day during the week when he was off and could watch his own child but didn’t have the patience. He had plenty of people in his family to call to help him when he was overwhelmed, but for some reason didn’t.

  2. Three months old that experienced nothing but pain. Where is this baby’s mother? What horrible people live on this earth; how can anyone do this to an innocent baby? This is just evil.

  3. I hope he rot in prison. Where was the mother at when this baby was being abused? Grandparents? That lil angel didn’t know what was happening. My heart aches for that baby.😔😪

  4. Infuriating. I just do not understand how the mother or anyone who came in contact with this child after the legs were broken (BOTH?!? had no idea he was hurt? I mean I know babies do not walk but that baby had to be in pain? This is awful and my heart is with that baby and I hope he gets the care deserved. I just find it so odd that the baby had broken legs prior to all of this. That sweet baby deserved so much better than this.

  5. Unless you know all of the circumstances you need to keep your nasty and negative comments to yourself. This family has been devastated but what has happened. Instead of being critical you should be praying for this baby and his family.

    • Sure is sad they are devastated AFTER the fact. Where was everyone when the abuse was going on????

      • Don’t believe everything you read by the report to be 100% accurate. This baby’s broken legs was not an old injury. They are all devastated and all need our prayers.

  6. I don’t understand the need to question the mother when the father is the one accused of the horrific crime. Why do people love to victim blame? For all we know he abuses her too. Stop looking to share the blame with others when this man appears to have harmed his own flesh and blood with his bare hands. He’s the criminal.

    • How you manage to turn this situation into a Black Lives Matter debate is beyond me. Parents harming their kids is atrocious, black, white or orange. A parent harming a helpless child has absolutely nothing to do with race. And the man in this article appears to be white yet you managed to bring up BLM?

  7. My heart hurts for this precious child! Prayers for healing and for comfort for all affected by this senseless act. Sending all the positive thoughts and prayers for him and for Mom and all of this sweet baby’s family.

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