New ‘JoCo Grows’ Logo Highlights Importance Of Agriculture

Agriculture is important. It accounts for about 10 percent of the local economy and 10 percent of the county employment.  Each year agriculture generations over $250 million at the farm level in Johnston County.

Recently, the Johnston County Extension Advisory Council came up with an idea to create a new logo highlighting Johnston County agriculture.  Partnering with the Johnston County Farm Bureau Federation, who provided some start up funding, a steering committee was formed earlier this year.

The new artwork was created and a marketing plan formed. Johnston County Commissioners got their first look at the logo during their June meeting.

“The ‘JoCo Grows’ Agriculture logo will be used to both educate the public about the contribution of agriculture to our county and our economy locally and the progressive things that are going on in the agricultural community,” Cooperative Extension Director Bryant Spivey said.  “In addition, it will market a wealth of local agriculture products and opportunities that are available to the people of Johnston County from fresh fruits and vegetables to local meats and meat products and even opportunities for citizens to connect with their local farmers. Farmers, restaurants, retail stores, and those packaging local ag products will be able to gain access to the logo and use it for their marketing.”

The goal of the new logo is to highlight the contribution of agriculture to our local economy. Officials also plan to trademark the new JoCo Grows logo.