Oath Of Office Ceremony Held

SMITHFIELD – An Oath of Office Ceremony was held Monday, December 5th for Johnston County public officials who won election during the November General Elections.

Four Johnston County Commissioners, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell, Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive, and Clerk of Superior Court Michelle Ball were all sworn in during the Ceremony, presided over by Chief Resident Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Lock, in the Historic Superior Courtroom at the Johnston County Courthouse.


  1. Well there you go we officially have an elected, sworn in alleged pedophile serving as a commissioner in Johnston county… we should be so proud! People need to wake up and research who they are voting for and also realize you do NOT need to fill in the bubble for every race. The fact Dickie got 50000 votes says a lot abt the voter in Johnston county. He should have only received votes from himself and maybe family.

    • You would be surprised at the responses I received when I asked people why they voted for him. Most people, not all, but way more than it should have been, did not know that they could legally leave a space blank on a ballot. They thought the entire ballot would be rejected.

      • @Leighlah: Yet another reason to reinstate intelligence testing as a voting prerequisite. You only have to look at the country today to see what happens when you let stupid, uninformed people vote!

      • Leighlah, they told you what they knew you wanted to hear. I on the other hand will tell you straight up I voted for him because only Republicans in the past are always expected to resign because of the seriousness of the charges, the Democrats are allowed to resign only if convicted. Dicky Braswell and our Honorable Ron Johnson has stepped up and defended their innocence and thier constituents by not folding like cheap lawn furniture. The charges have to be proven and where do you think those that will be jurors names will be pulled from? Umm, seems like alot of supporters may just have a chance of hearing his story from a juror seat? I kind of feel that may be what is so worrisome and outrageous for you guys?

        • @terrybarnes I have not heard him speak out about his charges once! He has been silent. I am all for voting for him if he is innocent but until that time he should not be given the opportunity. I have had interactions with him in a social setting and 100% believe based on that behavior witnessed he is guilty!

          • Jen R, are you saying you have been a witness to an act of indecent liberties of a minor and did not come forward or are you saying you are a scorned woman by Mr. Braswell? It is hard to understand what your trying to say? I am sure no one on the otherside that doesn’t support Dicky Braswell ever expected the unbelievable support he recieved in this election result. I think this really needs to play out publicly in a court room so both sides can see what is there and what they thought was there? Physical evidence is a powerful force to convince a jury. Folks can see by the passion of the comments family will try to protect family, no matter the overwhelming evidence or the lack of evidence. That is why our legal system works most of the time.

  2. Nice to see that JoCo is fine with returning an accused child molester to the board! In all this time, Braswell has YET to publicly refute any of the charges. Instead, he prolongs the court date and continues to file for continuances. Only a guilty man is afraid of defending himself. #WakeUpJoCo

  3. This was a nicely timed ceremony for Mr. Braswell since he was also scheduled for a court hearing (also in the Superior Courtroom) in the morning of December 5, 2022 on his “Felony: Indecent Liberties with a Child” charge.

  4. If a county employee were in the position as Braswell they would’ve lost their job, regardless if they were innocent or guilty but some how this man still has his. Interesting 🤔

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