Oops: Unoccupied Fire Truck Rolls Out Of Fire Station

SMITHFIELD – An unoccupied Town of Smithfield fire truck sustained minor damage after it rolled out of the Smithfield Fire Station. On Saturday, July 2nd around 1:46pm, the fire truck, which had been parked in an open bay at the main fire station on South Fourth Street, rolled out on its own, traveled across Fourth Street striking a town street sign, finally stopping in the parking lot across the street.

Fire Chief Mike Brown said the incident happened about three minutes after a crew had parked the reserve fire engine in the bay. Chief Brown said the brakes were applied and the truck was turned off. The brakes were still applied to the truck after it was discovered across the street. Chief Brown said the truck was immediately taken out of service until the brake system could be thoroughly checked by a mechanic.

Chief Brown said the 1992 International was a reserve fire engine. He believes a brake failure is to blame for the incident.

The fire truck sustained about $1,000 in damage when it collided with the street sign. The sign will have to be replaced at a cost of $375.

Luckily, no cars were passing by the station when the fire truck rolled out. Chief Brown said “it was a blessing” that no one was injured.

Smithfield Police investigated and filed an accident report.


  1. Wonder who forgot to put the wheel chocks in place? That should be SOP — exactly to avoid this type of “accident.”

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