Pine Level Post Office Scheduled To Reopen

The US Postal Service says the Pine Level Post Office shuttered two months ago due to safety concerns will reopen.

The post office will reopen to customers and box holders on Monday, July 24th at 9:00am.

The facility was closed on May 15th after postal service facility inspectors determined the leased building had severe damage and was unsafe for both their employees and customers.  Among the reported issues were leaks in the roof, beams coming through the ceiling and cracks in the foundation. There were also unconfirmed reports of mold.

Afterwards, all mail operations in Pine Level, including the pickup of mail was transferred to the Selma post office about 3 miles away, where mail has been delivered by hand over the counter to Pine Level customers since the closing.

About 625 people have post office boxes in Pine Level.

The landlord recently completed repair work and a structural engineer returned to the site and confirmed all the work was completed and was safe to reoccupy.

“It is welcome news to learn from the US Postal Service that repairs at the Pine Level Post Office have been completed and that the facility will reopen and resume operations on Monday, July 24th at 9:00 am,” Congress David Rouzer told WTSB News on Wednesday. His office had been working closely with the Town of Pine Level and US Postal officials to reopen the post office or find an alternate location as soon as possible. “Everyone involved is to be commended for their effort and cooperation to make this possible.”

The Postal Service has apologized to Pine Level mail customers about the inconvenience and hardship. Photos