Driver Awoken By Police Crashes Into House

Leonard-Allen-Lott-FIA motorist who drove away from a police officer and striking a nearby home has been arrested on impaired driving charges.

Around 5:15am Monday, a Smithfield police officer located a car sitting in the intersection of South Sixth Street and East Davis Street. The officer approached the vehicle and noticed the driver was passed out behind the wheel. The officer began knocking on the windows of the car in an attempt to rouse the driver.

When the driver regained consciousness he allegedly drove away but immediately struck a nearby home causing an estimated $5,500 in damage.

Leonard Allen Lott, 34, of Tart Town Road, Dunn was charged with driving while impaired and reckless driving. Police Captain T.S. Choe said Lott registered 0.22 on the breathalyzer, above the legal limit of 0.08. No one in the home was injured. Lott also escaped injury.

Police said Lott’s car sustained about $1,500 in damage.

Lott was released on a $1,000 bond pending a September 7th court appearance.