Several Break-Ins Reported At Smithfield Church

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police are investigating several break-ins at the same church. On April 24th, leaders at Freedom Baptist Church, located at 313 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, reported the church had been entered several times.

A report was also filed April 24 reporting a sound system belong to a member of the church had been stolen at some point during one of the prior break-ins. The sound system was last seen at the church around Jan. 1, 2023.

Police said church members had been randomly finding doors left open that should have been locked. They also stated sometime in February, employees located someone they assumed was a homeless man sleeping inside the church. He was ordered to leave. Police were not contacted at the time.

Anyone with any information about the break-ins at Freedom Baptist Church, including anyone who saw any suspicious activity around the church in recent weeks, is asked to contact the Smithfield Police Department at 919-934-2121.


  1. Shameful people steal from God’s People, the very ones who try to help you. I hope those who took the sound system fall under extremely conviction, with no rest coming to their souls until they return the Sound system, but more importantly they seek forgiveness and repentance which will spare their souls. The Blood speaks a better Word.

  2. Let me start with saying , I have nothing for someone who steals !!!! But with that being said …. Did Christ not die for them TOO? I am not a bible thumper , I DO believe in our savor , but I am nothing but flesh . My God tells me he forgives the unforgivable , and all we have to do is ask with a pure soul for forgiveness! But how can we ask for forgiveness when we of the flesh are met with LOCKED DOORS ? When did it become OK to lock out what ppl deem as deplorable? When and WHY are the doors locked to protect HIGH dollar equipment used only to satisfy the comforts of the wealthy , and no “wealth” is not necessary about money ! Why do churches give so much to themselves but lock out the needy , when there are NEEDS before and after “church hours” ? Is it ok to lock out 1 sinner while welcoming another type ? A church with sound systems , fancy tv’s , and tech equipment, is wasting the profits that would be used to carry out Gods will and shower love in ALL . Shed yourselves of worldly possessions and humble yourself before your God before condemning your fellow sinner , FOR GOD LOVES THEM TOO ! I do not in ANY fashion have passion for one who steals , personally, GOOD LUCK for your soul if you steal from me , but to see a so called “REV” make such a comment , SHAME ON YOU SIR !!! Love thy neighbor, or have you forgotten that simple request God has made !?!?

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