Police Issue 40+ Citations, Make 3 Arrests During Saturation Patrols

Photo by John Payne

SELMA – A joint operation involving 21 officers from six different agencies took place over-the-weekend.

Selma Police Chief Jamie Hughes said officers from the Selma, Smithfield, Wilson’s Mills Police, NC Alcohol Law Enforcement, State Highway Patrol, and the NC Department of Health & Human Services Batmobile participated in saturation patrol efforts from 10:00pm Saturday to 2:00am Sunday in Selma.

Photo by John Payne

A total of 44 citations were issued and three arrests were made during the operation. Two people were charged with driving while impaired, seven citations for drug violations, 8 no operators license, 7 driving on a revoked license, 3 speeding, 8 registration, and one for driving without insurance.

Chief Hughes said during the past year, police have investigated more traffic collisions and efforts like this are a proactive approach to reduce collisions throughout town. At the same time, taking impaired drivers off local roadways is a big benefit.

Photo by John Payne

“I appreciate each officer and agency that took time out of their schedules to participate in this operation, without their support these operations are extremely difficult to pull off.”

Chief Hughes said if you plan on drinking, don’t get behind the wheel. “You will get caught and you will go to jail.”


  1. Stay on 70 between Selma and goldsboro and you will catch ALOT of low flying planes. Lol. But seriously you risk your life crossing or merging in bc folks are going in excess of 75 in 55 mph. Keep some unmarked around

  2. Buffalo rd between Flowers and Selma during morning and evening rush needs more attention. People speeding, intoxicated or under the influence of stupid are passing people on double lines and hills like its no big deal. This has been getting worse since 2018.

  3. Study after study for decades have shown that targeted, saturation efforts like this do nothing to reduce accidents or fatalities. In a month, the numbers will be back up. If thr GOVERNMENT truly wanted to eliminate traffic offenses, they’d focus on ACTUAL RESULTS instead of these high profile “enforcements.” But as long as the sheeple keep the bag over their heads, this is what we’ll get.

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