Police: Juvenile Sexually Assaulted By Man She Met Online

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police arrested a Florida man on sexual assault charges after he allegedly drove to North Carolina and assaulted a juvenile he met through the internet.

Sebastian Christopher Ballensky, age 18, of Bonifay, Florida was arrested December 6th and charged with statutory rape and taking indecent liberties with a minor.

Police Lt. T. West said after meeting the victim online, the suspect drove to the young girl’s home in the Smithfield city limits and coaxed her outside and into his vehicle.

Around 2:30am December 6th, a police officer on routine patrol spotted a suspicious vehicle parked at Smithfield Community Park. When the vehicle tried to leave the park the officer stopped the car and located Ballensky and the juvenile. Following an investigation, the 18 year-old suspect was arrested.

Ballensky was confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $100,000 secured bond. Lt. West said additional charges are possible.


  1. And this is why we need to teach kids online safety IF you allow them to have social media! Better choice is no social media for kids.

    • if you tell em no theyll still figure out how to sneak up there. The more we try to teach them the more the wanna listen to the internet..What they need to do is shut these platforms down, facebook, tik tok, instagram just to name a few.. These kids today are weak minded and very hardheaded.

  2. Are those hickies all over his neck?? This is all very suspicious to me. I hope it’s not so, but if that girl lied about her age…she just ruined a man’s life.

  3. With all those hickies on his neck I don’t think he sexually assaulted anyone. I think the girl was a willing participant under age or not. The parents of the underage participant need to take in consideration their child’s involvement in the situation. The guy might not have known she was underage. This guys life is about to be ruined because some girl thought she’d lie about her age. I’m a mom of a daughter and know this dude didn’t get those hickies by himself. Come on people! Take responsibility for your own children actions as well.

    • And the guy might have known she is underage (which would be 15 or under in NC, if I understand the law correctly). Either way – sad situation. This world needs a moral compass adjustment.

    • them aint hickies those are tatoos..That boy is 18 and the gurl 16 i dont care if u she put her body parts on a plate shes still a dam child..Dear sir that is still a crime statutory rape plain and simple..

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