Preserving Johnston County History One Page At A Time

Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive is continuing his mission to save history, one page at a time. The Register of Deeds office recently completed a project to restore and preserve original birth certificates from 1930-1953. The restoration program is funded through the Register of Deeds Automation & Preservation Fund.

Kofile Technologies performed the restoration at their state of the art conservation lab in Greensboro, NC. This past summer, Greg Brooks, of Kofile, made the trip to the Johnston Register of Deeds office to personally pick up the vital records for delivery to Greensboro.

During the preservation process, the books were professionally repaired. The records were de-acidified, surface cleaned, repaired and mended. Adhesives were also removed and stains were reduced as much as possible. Each sheet was inserted into an archival polyester pocket before being placed in a custom binder. These proprietary techniques give new life to old documents.

In late December, once the preservation process was completed, Kofile Technologies returned the books to Johnston County.

“Some of the pages of the birth records were brittle from being handled so much over the years. Preserving these documents is very important to me. As custodian of these records, we are pleased to safeguard this history for generations to come.” said Mr. Olive.

Previously Olive has had marriage bonds, marriage licenses, births and deaths certificates restored from 1893 to 1930. Also, some land record books and old town maps has been restored as well.

Olive said he will continue to repair old books and records to preserve them for future generations.


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