Prosecutor: Sexual Assault Victim Came Forward To Protect Other Children

A young woman who was sexually assaulted when she was a small child came forward years later, not just for herself, but to protect others from becoming a victim of the child predator. This week, the suspect was sentenced in Johnston County Court to state prison.

In January 2019, the victim who was 20 at the time, reported that approximately 11 years earlier, when she was only nine, had been sexually molested by Arturo Hernandez Vasquez of Robbins Nest Lane, Middlesex, a Johnston County address. Authorities did not say where the rape occurred.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office investigated and filed charges against Vasquez. On Wednesday, the 51 year-old man was sentenced to serve a minimum of 50 years to a maximum of 70 years behind bars after pleading guilty to rape of a child and committing a sex offense with a child.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson prosecuted the case. “The District Attorney’s Office is pleased with the sentence imposed and that justice has finally been delivered to the brave survivor of Vasquez’s crimes. This amazing young lady wanted to protect other children from this child sexual predator, and she has succeeded. Our community is a safer place because she came forward.”

“Not only did she tell her truth about the crimes this Defendant committed against her, but she also courageously assisted the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office in collecting evidence against him. We all owe her a debt of gratitude.”

“We are also grateful to lead Detective Randy Ackley and the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work and exceptional investigation,” Mr. Jackson told Johnston County Report.

Vasquez was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Eula E. Reid.


  1. Praise GOD from WHOM all blessings flow. This young lady is an example to all of us, tender years or old, how we can help ourselves and our follow man. And a thank you to our officers of the court. Proud of you all.

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