Questions Follow Fiery Crash

Accident Edwards Road 2The Highway Patrol is asking for assistance locating the driver of a vehicle involved in a fiery crash and also information on how the accident occurred.   

Tuesday night, a vehicle ran off Edwards Road outside of Princeton and caught fire. Princeton fire crews arrived on the scene and put out the blaze. However, no one could be found around the Chevy Avalanche.

Emergency workers located blood in the roadway and on the tree leaves near the vehicle but could not find the accident victim.  A single shoe was also found nearby. 

Area hospitals were checked but no one showed up with injuries related to the crash.

Trooper J.R. Alexander told WTSB News on Wednesday the driver of the truck is a mystery along with who owns the vehicle.  There were conflicting reports about the number of people in the Avalanche and whether the vehicle may have struck someone in the roadway before wrecking. 

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact the NC Highway Patrol at 919-934-2186.  Photos by