Rabbits Stolen 3 Times From Johnston County Home

White-Rabbit-InsideIt wasn’t the Easter Bunny or a magician with a magic hat, but authorities would like to know who is responsible for the theft of rabbits from a Johnston County home.

Earlier this month, a Four Oaks man said he placed two white rabbits in a specially-made pen in the back yard of his home on Strickland’s Crossroads Road.  The following day both rabbits were gone.

Two weeks later, the man placed two black and white rabbits in the pen. Again, the following day they were missing.

Finally, last Friday the victim said he placed two white rabbits in the cage, placed a padlock on the door and installed a security camera.  Saturday morning he discovered the lock had been cut and the rabbits were gone.

The six missing rabbits had a value of $120.00.

The victim filed a report about the theft with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office which is looking into the thefts.