Registered Sex Offenders In Johnston County Checked During Compliance Operation

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Last week, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, along with the US Marshal’s Office – Eastern District NC and officers of our local Probation and Parole Office, partnered to conduct “Operation Spring Chicken,” a registered sex offender address verification operation. Sex offenders have an obligation to register, and notify the Sheriff of any change of address.

This operation was to confirm they are living where they are registered, to ensure that the NC Sex Offender Registry is up to date and accurate. There are 309 individuals that are registered as sex offenders in Johnston County. Currently there are:

● 35 that are incarcerated in the NC Department of Corrections
● 8 in local jails
● 2 in ICE custody
● 10 are registered as homeless
● 1 in assisted living facility
● 1 wanted on sex offender charges

The team conducted 252 residence checks:

● 23 residences of sex offenders on active supervised probation were searched by Probation and Parole officers.
● 2 Warrants for Arrest were issued for failure to report their new address
● 1 Order for Arrest was served for misdemeanor probation violation
● 1 fugitive was taken into custody, wanted out of Florida for a felony probation violation, that was identified at a residence during a search
● 1 arrested for possession of firearm by felon (handgun seized)
● 1 arrested for probation violation
● 1 arrested for possession of marijuana
● 1 Citation was issued for possession of marijuana
● 1 Citation was issued for drug paraphernalia

All other sex offenders that are registered in Johnston County were found to be in compliance.

“I want to thank all law enforcement officers involved in this operation for going door to door across our county to personally ensure that these individuals are living where they say they are. We will continue to be proactive to ensure that our communities are a safe place to live, work and raise our families. This is an example of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies working together to ensure safer communities across Johnston County,” said Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell.


  1. I think this law is B’s. They send a certified letter 2 time’s a year that has to be signed for and hand delivered by hand in person. I agree there are people who deserve to be locked up but there are people who have done there time and paid there debt to society and the law. Give someone break.

    • Disagree. Sex Offenders need to be on display so everyone knows where they live. They will complete their time when they are dead.

    • Child Molesters were reconvicted of a sexual or violent at a rate of 42%. Meaning almost half of them will reoffend in the same way so at least half of them are a ticking time bomb what if when it goes off its your child? They also know that prison is hard for them, so they are more likely to escalate and end the life of their victim than risk going back. I agree some people just need a break however the only kind of break this type of inmate needs is his/her neck.

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