Richard Braswell Announces Bid For County Commission Seat

Richard “Dickie” Braswell (2018 Photo)

Richard (Dickie) Braswell announced Thursday that he will file for the District 3 Commissioner seat being vacated by outgoing Chairman Chad Stewart on November 30, 2021. Mr. Braswell is a life-long resident of Johnston County, a real estate developer and retired construction company owner and chief executive officer.

The County Commissioners will appoint someone to fill out Mr. Stewart’s term. The election will be for the 2022-2026 open seat. Mr. Braswell ran in the 2018 Republican primary and narrowly lost to Commissioner Stewart by only 21 votes.

Mr. Braswell hailed Chairman Stewart as a respected and dedicated civil servant whose presence on the Board will be greatly missed. He praised the ABC Board for choosing a proven leader who always put the people of Johnston County first. Mr. Braswell congratulated Mr. Stewart on his new position and hopes he has continued success in all endeavors.

Mr. Braswell resides near Princeton in Lakeview Subdivision. He is married to Loretta Ellis Braswell from the Kenly area. They have a 14 year-old daughter who attends Princeton Middle School. The family attends church at Ignite Bible Fellowship Church near Pine Level.

Mr. Braswell has served as the Chairman of the Moccasin Creek Board for 22 years; on the Land Use Committee; Little League Board; and is Past Precinct Chairman for South Boon Hill.


  1. Mr. Braswell has done well for his self but he has the experience of knowing what it was like trying to make ends meet. He also knows many in this county that were land rich and bank account poor and struggling to pay the taxes on their property. It not just free money that is poured into the School Board bank account, a lot that money was a struggle to get it there. That is what chairman Stewart could never understand.

  2. We do NOT need more developers on the county commissioner board. Why not just sell all our county land to the highest bidder!

    • “our county land”? How much do you own? If I want to sell my land to the highest bidder, then I will!

  3. Tax Payers you know when a elected commissioner has lost all respect for the voters when he says that there was no favoritism in him receiving the job of ABC manager with the expectations that we are so ignorant we actually believe it. I understand we as humans will do what is best to preserve our own personal well-being. Mr. Stewart lives in a world that I think he actually believes we Tax Payers are so ignorant that we don’t realize Mr. Stewart was on his political way out of the commissioner door. He then applies for a job that the board of commissioners has appointed and expects that there is no favoritism by him being the board chairman? I repeat Mr. Stewart” While commissioners do appoint the three member ABC Commission in the county, Stewart says he received no favoritism for the position and applied like other applicants”.

  4. Dickie Braswell is a good man. I had the pleasure of getting to know him over many years through his work at /Cutter/ Miles/Bayer/Talecris Companies. I will not hide behind a false name and I believe him to be an honest person. Having said that I cannot understand why anyone steps into this arena?

    Good Luck and Glad you have a thick skin.

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