Rouzer Co-sponsors Constitutional Amendment To Prevent Court Packing

Congressman David Rouzer (R-NC) released the following statement upon the House introduction of Representative Mike Gallagher’s (WI-08) constitutional amendment that would prevent court packing by capping the size of the Supreme Court at nine justices, which Congressman Rouzer has joined as an original cosponsor:

“Democrats’ attempt to pack the Supreme Court is an undemocratic, partisan power grab that even the very liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued against.  This effort is all about advancing the Democrat Party’s very dangerous socialist and liberal policy agenda at the expense of our great republic.  

“For more than 150 years, the Supreme Court has been comprised of nine justices.  We must amend the Constitution to ensure it remains this way.”  

Click here to read the amendment.


  1. Well, they’re a little too late. McConnell and the rest of the Senate Republicans already spent 4 years packing the court. Rouzer mentions RBG? Really? She’s the one who argued against what they did with Barrett, right over her dead body before she was cold. Rouzer must think (know) how easily fooled the voters (his constituents) are. This bill is akin to some kind of schizophrenic silliness.

  2. Mr. Rouser, support a convention of states to not only propose term limits on ALL FEDERAL office holders including members of SCOTUS, but also to impose financial constraints and restrictions on federal authority. Bring power back to the states and “We the People”.

  3. WHAT!?!? So now Rouzer wants to amend the Constitution?!? What’s next, he’s going to try to put limits on the 2nd Amendment and take my guns? Leave well enough alone, you tool !!!!!

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