Rouzer Honored For Pro-Taxpayer Voting Record, Efforts To Cut Government Spending

Washington, D.C. – Congressman David Rouzer (R-NC) was recently honored by National Taxpayers Union (NTU) for having one of the strongest voting records in Washington, D.C. for supporting limited government, economic freedom, and low taxes.  This year, Congressman Rouzer is one of only 33 House members to have earned the “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” for his outstanding voting record during the 2020 Congressional session.

Additionally, Congressman Rouzer was named a “Taxpayer Super Hero” by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) for his votes to cut wasteful government spending in 2020.  Rouzer is one of 80 House members to earn the perfect score of 100% on their scorecard.

“Our national debt exceeds $28.1 trillion, and Democrats continue with their reckless spending, paying no regard for the debts we are pushing onto future generations,” said Rep. Rouzer. “We must make bold changes to address the national debt – the most significant domestic threat that our country faces.  I’m proud of my voting record to put the hardworking American taxpayer first, strengthen our economy, and to get our country back on track.”

“The pandemic created unprecedented challenges for our nation – and for taxpayers,” said Pete Sepp, President of NTU. “Despite these difficult circumstances, taxpayers should know that Rep. Rouzer continued to support fiscal discipline and responsible governance. Now more than ever, we need leaders like Rep. Rouzer to get our nation’s finances back in order and help restore our prosperity. National Taxpayers Union thanks Rep. Rouzer for his efforts on behalf of the people who pay government’s bills.”

“We applaud Rep. Rouzer for his perfect 100 percent Taxpayer Super Hero rating in 2020,” said Tom Schatz, President of Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. “His courageous votes to cut wasteful spending and make government more accountable should serve as an example to other members, challenging them to protect the fiscal interests of American taxpayers.  We have no doubt that Rep. Rouzer will continue to help lead the effort to eradicate wasteful spending and bring fiscal sanity to Washington.  His constituents should be very proud of him.”


  1. This is a joke, right?!? Rouzer has been in Congress since 2014, and since that time government spending has INCREASED from $3.5T to $5.8T. Whatever “efforts” he has tried to reduce spending are obviously not working! We should be rewarding RESULTS — not effort!

  2. Hey Mr. Rouzer, do you think by any chance you could talk to our so-called conservative commissioners about keeping county government smaller. With the last tax revaluation that raised our property taxes 11 percent our commissioners are trying take pride in saying they are our friend by cutting 1 percent for two years in a row. They are using that common core math, when they vote on Mr. Hesters budget we understand they are raising out property taxes 9 percent. Anyone close to these commissioners ask why they are talking with the tax office about doing another revaluation in 4 years instead of the required 7 years? I think you tax payers know why?

  3. Not a truthful word in this opinion piece. Rouzer voted for a totally unfunded tax cut for the super wealthy. Republican members (yeah, pun intended) are the party of spend spend spend and let the grandchildren worry about it. What crap you print.

  4. Well deserved honor. It’s likely very few, if any, democrats received this accolade. Smaller government, more freedom.

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