Rouzer Reacts To Bathroom Bill Lawsuit

US Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) has responded to the federal government’s lawsuit against the State of North Carolina over House Bill 2, or the Bathroom bill. The justice department filed the civil rights lawsuit against the state law claiming they defied a federal order not to implement the law.

David-Rouzer-Headshop-udated-Inside“The Justice Department’s charge that House Bill 2 is discriminatory is baseless in fact and law,” Rouzer said. “It is an egregious overreach, which is commonplace with this administration.  It’s through this radical determination that they justify their threat to withhold federal funds, which is nothing more than a bullying tactic.  I applaud the state for fighting this overreach.”

Gov. Pat McCrory has called on Congress to clarify federal anti-discrimination laws, but Rouzer did not say if he would call on Congress for that clarification.

“North Carolina state law allows for the accommodation of transgenders while protecting the privacy of all citizens.  Any court that reads the federal law as written and considers the statutory interpretation by previous courts will find the Administration’s claims to be unsubstantiated.”

This week, Democratic lawmakers in Raleigh filed their own non-discrimination bill.