Rouzer Supports Legislation To Deport Aliens Who Participate In Criminal Activity During Pro-Terrorism And Antisemitic Mob Gatherings

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) joined Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) in introducing legislation to deport aliens who participate in criminal activity during pro-terrorism or antisemitic demonstrations, including those currently occupying and vandalizing university campuses across the country.

Foreign students have been involved in planning, supporting, and attending these destructive gatherings which are in direct conflict with university directives, student conduct policies, and the rule of law.

H.R. 8221, the Hamas Supporters Have No Home Here Act delivers consequences by amending the Immigration and Nationality Act to expand removability from the United States to include any crime committed during participation in a pro-terrorist or antisemitic rally.

“America must not tolerate the criminal behavior by radical protestors occupying campuses across the country, including those the United States has allowed into our country on student visas,” said Congressman Rouzer. “It’s time to restore law and order, protect students, and show the world there are consequences for those who come to the United States and exploit the freedoms we cherish.”

“It is time to deal swiftly and decisively with those who would come to our amazing country and incite hatred for America, hatred for the Jewish people, and despicably demand support for Hamas terrorism that inflicted the worst loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust. Being allowed to come to America is a privilege that these terrorist supporters have spit on and now it’s time to send them packing,” said Congresswoman Van Duyne. “The Hamas Supporters Have No Home Here Act is a necessary response to those aliens who want to import terrorism and anarchy to the United States. Our nation’s generosity and kindness must not be mistaken for weakness – this legislation will add real consequences to the lawless actions of these people who have no place enjoying the freedoms we protect here in the greatest nation on earth.”


  1. If they’re here illegally then they’re already criminals. Why are we trying to pass additional laws that are already on the books but the executive branch is openly defying?

  2. He also supported the last spending bill with money being sent to Ukraine and several others without protecting our border. He’s part of the problem now. Time to retire.

    • Great, that means the Criminal Alien Orange Haired Communist Republican’t Tyrant Dictator Putin want-a-be will deported

  3. Being in this country without papers is a misdomener like a speeding ticket deporting someone takes court time and taxpayer dollars. Also who do u think is doing the hard work in this county like roofing drywall painting landscaping

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