Scam Alert: Social Media Post Asks For Money To Repair Disabled Car

CLAYTON –  A Clayton area woman lost money in a broken down car scam. The 68 year-old victim said she was on social media recently and saw a stranger asking for money to repair his broken down vehicle. The victim began exchanging messages with the individual who convinced her to send money so he could make repairs to the car.

The person convinced the victim to send the money by using gift cards and providing the card numbers. Altogether, the victim sent $720.25 to the scammer. 

Afterwards, she realized she had been scammed and there was no broken down vehicle.   


  1. Its a shame that a person opens their heart and this is what happens. It’s ok, she will get it back 10 foll and the person who does the scams should rot in hel#.

  2. Stores need to take some accountability and make it harder for elderly people to get scammed like this. Maybe put the cards behind the counter so the customer has to ask for them, that way at least there is somebody who can tell if something looks or seems suspicious about why the elderly person is buying the gift cards. Something has to be done to protect our elderly!!!

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