Scammers Steal Thousands From Victim’s Bank Account

CLAYTON – A Clayton woman said a large sum of money was stolen from her bank account after she unknowingly gave her personal information to cybercriminals.

The 52 year-old victim said she received a text message that appeared to originate from her bank, Wells Fargo, indicating there was suspicious activity on her account and to click on a link in the text message.The victim, not realizing it was a scam, clicked on the link and was instructed to provide her bank account number, password, a copy of her driver’s license, and other personal identification.

Later, she was contacted by a real representative with Wells Fargo following up on an $89,100 withdrawal from her account. The money had been stolen by scammers.

Authorities said phishing scammers use texts and emails to trick victims into unknowingly giving their personal information. The texts and emails appear as if they are sent by legitimate companies you may do business with. Almost always, they provide a link to complete a document to provide your personal information. They even claim it is to prevent suspicious activity on your account when in fact they are the fraudsters.

In 2019, the FBI reported more than $57 million was stolen from victims in phishing scams alone.

The bank and local authorities are working to recover the victims money.


  1. I wish they would execute scammers. You may think thats to much but these people have no problem putting people on poor street and taking everything they may have in life. I hope they get these people but like what Click said, they probably from India.

    • These scammers need to go down they got my father for 52,000 and they get away with it and yes they need to be executed for their crimes not just locked up for life they’ve ruined people’s lives there’s needs to be taken away.

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