School Board Approves Curriculum And Instruction Contracts For 2020-2021 School Year

At their June 9th meeting, the Johnston County Board of Education approved a number of contracts for curriculum and instruction for the 2020-2021 school year.

The following expenditures were approved:

Elementary and Secondary Education
NWEA MAP Contract Renewal-benchmark assessment & progress monitoring  ($280,900)

Lexia Contract Renewal

K-8 literacy support & PD – ($347,900.00)

High School Intervention Resource – ($26,500)

Panorama Student Success (5 schools) and district-wide SEL student, staff, family survey platform Renewal ($98,750)

HMH Into Reading  – elementary ELA curriculum ($2,003,075.16 over 2 years – year 2 of 2 payment $1,001,537.58) Renewal

HMH Arriba la Lectura K-5 Dual Language ( $128,531.18 over 2 years – year 2 of 2 payment $64,265.59) Renewal

JCI Science Kits K-8 ($343,800.00) Renewal

Pearson Math K-5 Investigations ($352,174.57) Renewal

HMH Do the Math Grades 1-5 Intervention and Do the Math Now! Grades 6-8 Intervention ($328,678.31 over 3 years – year 2 of 3 payment $125,000) Renewal

Pearson My Perspectives  – secondary ELA curriculum $1,106,200.64 (payment 2 of 2)

Pearson Connexus Renewal $300,000 ($216,875 for contracted services and additional reserve funds for Certified Online Teachers; final year of contract)

Federal Programs (Exceptional Children’s Department)

Invision Services Inc.  $100,000 (teaching services for visually impaired Students)

John E. Sexton & Associates, Inc. $100,000 (audiological services for students with hearing disabilities)

Johnston County Industries $379,453.00 (OCS vocational training services)

Johnston Psychiatric Associates, P.A. $260,000.00 (TLC therapeutic services)

Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. $200,000.00 (occupational therapists)

Kinetic Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. $2,400,00.00 (speech-language therapy services)

Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. $185,000.00 (nurses)

New Language/Clear Message, LLC $175,000.00 (interpreting/transliteration services and Sign Language Interpreting services for hearing impaired students)

The school board attorney reviewed all the contracts before approval.