School Board Renews Contracts

The Johnston County Public School Board renewed contracts with two vendors during their March 2020 monthly meeting.

The board voted unanimously to renew a contract with Blackboard Communication.  The agreement includes the Blackboard Mass Notification system (formerly ConnectED), web community manager (web hosting) and the Mobile Communication App.   The board approved a three year contract renewal at a cost of $130,174.48 each year, a savings of $25,200.52 per year over the existing contract.

A separate contract was renewed with BroadPlex, LLC to provide fiber connectivity throughout the school district. All school campuses plus the the Central Office use the fiber services.  The school board originally approved a contract with BroadPlex in April 2017 for three years. The board voted to extend the contract an additional year at a cost of $795,600.  The service qualifies for a 70 percent discount upon approval from the FCC. That will will reduce the 12 month cost to $238,680.00.