School Board Tweaks Fieldtrip, Injury Prevention Rules

The Johnston County School Board has adopted changes to policies regarding field trips and safety.

Under the old field trip policy students were only allowed to ride home in a private car after a fieldtrip with a parent or legal guardian.  Parents had raised questions about other options to transport students home if the principal or parent granted approval in advance of the fieldtrip. Under the new policy, a revised Fieldtrip Parental Agreement and Permission Form will also now allow students to ride home with a parent or guardian approved adult. 

A new Injury and Loss Prevention Policy was also adopted this month. Prompted by a change in state law and by the State Board of Education, a leadership team will be created in Johnston County Schools to create a process for employees to identify, correct and report unsafe hazards or conditions to their immediate supervisor.  The leadership team will develop a consistent protocol to investigate all reported unsafe hazards and work-related injuries, collect the incident details, investigation the reason why the injury occurred, and determine an effective solution for a hazard-free environment. 

The policy prohibits reprisals or retaliation against any employee or student who in good faith reports actual or potential hazards or unsafe conditions.