School Board Tweaks School Bus Policy

For the first time in eight years the Johnston County Board of Education has updated their School Bus Transportation Policy.

Chief of Staff Dolores Gill said, “Additions and clarifications to this policy will assist administrators, transportation personnel, parents and students to understand expectation regarding school bus stops. The updates will promote consistency within the Johnston County Public Schools as regards to school bus stop practices.”

There are two primary changes. The first is a requirement that parents, guardians or custodial adults must be present at the school bus stop for all Pre-K students when loading or being discharged from a bus.

The second change adds to the list of items prohibited from being carried on buses.  Currently, balloons, flowers or animals are not allowed.  The policy will now prohibit large items that “…can impede the vision of the bus driver or impede ingress or egress of the bus…”  This could include large band instruments, athletic equipment bags and class projects which do not fit in a student’s lap.

Other school bus transportation policies remain unchanged including prohibiting bus stops closers than two-tenths of a mile unless in the interest of safety. Buses will only travel on state or city-maintained roadways and in subdivisions approved by Transportation Services.

The principal is responsible for school bus discipline.  No student will be allowed to ride a bus they are not assigned without proper authorization.

The new policy was approved unanimously by the school board at their March 20th meeting.