Schools Adopt Animal Policy

Johnston County Public Schools has adopted an animal policy, the first one in school history.

For example, therapy dogs and law enforcement K-9’s are often seen on school grounds. Until now there has been no official policy concern animals on school campuses.

The new policy brings attention to any health concerns an animal’s presence may create for students or staff members.

It also provides guidance into what is required for animal vaccinations and owner responsibilities when an animal is being used for instructional purposes in schools. The policy does not create a right for staff, students or others to bring non-service or non-curricular use animals onto school grounds.

Parental notification will be part of the new policy allowing them to object or opt out of exposure to animals in classroom settings.

The policy states the owners of animals are responsible for any injury or damage caused by the animals. And whenever possible, animals must wear rabies tags and either kept in cages or under restraint such as being placed on a leash.

The policy was unanimously adopted by the Johnston County School Board on May 9th.