Selma Holiday Slam Pickleball Tournament Brings Large Crowds

Selma’s Holiday Slam Pickleball Tournament participates. Photo by James Hester of SmugMug

SELMA – Throughout Selma, the reports are that people of all ages are choosing pickleball to stay physically, mentally, and socially active. Pickleball is one of the country’s fastest-growing forms of recreation.

Selma’s Holiday Slam Pickleball Tournament registered 182 players. Over the event’s three days, the estimated number of people that came to Edgebrook park was 700+, and everyone had an enjoyable time. Over $8,000 in prizes were awarded during the tournament. Players came from as far away as California, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida.

Coffee on Raidford provided coffee for each of the three days.

The tournament Directors were Gary Stewart and Enfry Mendez, and the Tournament host was Jesse Simon. Jesse Simon is a 5.0-level pickleball player who has earned over fifty medals since 2012.

Winners of the Men’s 60+ Open were Ricky Stephens and Steve Vozza.
Winners of the Women’s 60+ Open were Carol Wright and Tammy Brown.
The winner of the Singles Open was Mick Ray.
Winners of the Mixed Double Open were Collin Shick and Sarah Carpenter.
Winners of the Men’s Double Open were Jesse Simon and Stephen Scala.

“In many ways, pickleball is an ideal sport as it can accommodate people of varying fitness levels while still offering a good aerobic workout,” says Kelly Blanchard, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Town of Selma.

If you want more information about upcoming pickleball tournaments, contact Gray Stewart at

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