Sources: Selma Town Manager Agrees To Resign

After just nine months on the job, Selma Town Manager Steven Hicks has reportedly agreed to resign. Sources tell Johnston County Report that Mr. Hicks will submit his resignation effective Monday, August 3rd at 5:00 pm.

The Selma Town Council was scheduled to hold a special called meeting at 5:30pm today (Thursday) but the meeting was cancelled following a deal reportedly reached with the town manager this afternoon.

Sources say the deal will require Mr. Hicks to resign on August 3rd. In return, he will receive his full salary for the next six months, including contributions to his retirement and health benefits.  Vacation and sick leave will stop on August 3rd, but he will receive all accumulated time.  He will also be allowed to seek employment elsewhere before the six months severance ends.

Selma Town Manager Steven Hicks

The terms of his departure must be voted on in open session by the Selma Town Council. A meeting date to formally accept his resignation and terms hasn’t been announced.

The town council will also need to name an interim town manager next week.

As previously reported, Town Councilman Byron McAllister on Tuesday allegedly offered the town manager a deal to voluntarily resign and receive one month of severance or be fired. Under Hicks employment contract he is entitled to severance equal to six months of pay (3 months notice of termination plus 3 additional months salary).  He is currently making $120,000 annually.

Some members of the town council were upset with his job performance and management style. Sources indicate there were enough votes to fire Hicks if the meeting had taken place this afternoon.

Steven Hicks is the fourth person to serve as manager for the Town of Selma in the past four years. He was hired in October 2019 to replace former Selma Town Manager Elton Daniels who resigned in February 2019 to accept a job with the City of Rocky Mount.  Daniels had served just 18 months.