Shooting Reported At Park

The investigation surrounding a shooting in Angier’s Jack Marley Park over the weekend remains ongoing as Angier Police and the Wake County Sheriff’s Office continue to search for answers.

According to initial reports, the victim fled the park and made his way to the home of a Willow Spring woman sometime after the shooting in Angier Saturday afternoon around 2 PM.  The woman called 911 to assist the man.

Authorities told reporters Saturday evening they had little information to base a scenario — Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said the shooting could have been the result of a robbery.  Back in Angier, police reportedly found shell casings and blood on the scene, but no victim.

One nearby resident to the park told reporters that bullets had ended up in the wall of a nearby home where a mother and young child live.

On Monday, Angier Police Chief Bobby Hallman said the incident appeared to be a crime of passion — not a gang-related shooting that had been speculated.

“We think it was an altercation between an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend,” he explained.  He said the parties are not cooperating and did not release names of the ongoing investigation.

A man at the Willow Spring home in question was charged by Wake County authorities on separate offenses Saturday. However, his actual connection to the shooting incident in Angier remains unknown, said Chief Hallman.

According to Wake County arrest records, Jordan Antonio Thorpe, 19, of the 100 block of Oakwood Drive, Angier, was arrested at the Kinton Drive address on Saturday on drug charges. Story by The Daily Record. Photos by John Payne