Site For Two New Schools, Potential Park Expands From 90 To 210 Acres

WILSON’S MILLS – Johnston County Commissioners will buy more land for two future school sites in Wilson’s Mills. Johnston County Public Schools had initially requested the Board of Commissioners purchase 90 acres of land on the north side of Talton Farm Road at a price of $2.7 million, or $30,000 acre.

During their December 2022 meeting, Commissioners announced plans to acquire the entire 210-acre tract from KAT Properties of Johnston County, LLC at a cost of $4.2 million, or $20,000 acre. A portion of the larger tract is in the flood plain.

In October 2022, former school board chairman Todd Sutton said the land is being acquired for the intent of building a new high school with funds allocated from the 2022 school bond referendum. A new middle school is also being planned at the same location pending approval of a future bond referendum.

County commissioners also have interest in the land for opportunities for parks, open spaces, and greenways for the public.


  1. Wilson mills needs a new elementary school not a middle nor high school Who is in charge of this study. Since these other 2 schools are open they need to re study everything

  2. So they are intentionally purchasing land in the flood plain to build parks and schools… sounds like a dumb idea to me. How much are they setting aside for repairs to the buildings and park due to flooding which is likely to occur or are we just going to rely on the feds to send us money due to flooding from a natural disaster?

      • No climate change is not real but if you intentionally build in a known flood plain you need to be prepared for flooding; it’s called common sense. I said nothing about imminent flooding just the absolute potential for it. Do you not recall the catastrophic flooding that occurred in this area with Hurricane Matthew, Florence, etc?

        • Jen, you really should educate yourself on the climate. There’s no reason to deny something that is already happening. There are plenty of credible resources out there that will show you what is going on.

          • Climate change is a religion that the majority of liberal scientists create for the purpose of transferring wealth. These scientists has showed the political arm how to tax the hell out of the public and in return these tax dollars that have been stolen will surely change the weather. Jocosnoozer you have to believe that taxing the hell out of the public will eventually change the weather or you don’t even believe in this religion? Don’t talk to us about the science when the science can no longer define a biological male or female?

  3. These schools are needed on the eastern side of 42. Corinth holders needs relief and they just built an elementary out there a few years ago and archer lodge middle could use smoke relief as well. These “planners” are delusional.

  4. Typical JoCo uninformed citizens: Everyone’s concerned about flood plains and building maintenance. While you’re arguing about “climate change,” you’ve all overlooked the big issue:

    The board of education requested 90 acres for $2.7M. But the commissioners purchased 210 acres for $4.2M.

    Why in the world would they purchases MORE (for MORE $$$$) than what’s needed/requested? Hm… I wonder why they suddenly spent more money than was required. Where the extra $1.5M goes? Why aren’t you concerned that this so-called conservative board is actually spending money like a bunch of socialist liberals?

    This a PERFECT example of how corrupt politicians (and accused child molesters) play they game… they get you to look at inconsequential items, in order to spend more of your money. #VoteOutIncumbents #FollowTheMoney #MakeAmericaFiscallyConservativeAgain

  5. I don’t mind the larger purchase. I’m glad they’re planning at least a high school and a middle school. More are desperately needed. As for the larger purchase, making green space and park lands is a good use of county resources here.

    Getting the knock-down to $20k an acre is a fair trade for taking some likely undevelop-able land and just planning around it. No concern there.

    Imagine the alternative: County commissioner’s son could have built about 900 homes, townhomes and apartments in 16 months… and we still wouldn’t have the schools.

    Win. Plan and build out more schools and update infrastructure. It’s desperately needed.

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