Six People Struck With Gel Pellets During TikTok Challenge

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield Police are investigating after six people were reportedly struck with gel pellets fired by juveniles as part of what appears to be a TikTok challenge. Three separate incidents happened minutes apart.

Around 1:00pm last Wednesday, May 4th, a 61 year-old man walking along south Fifth Street near Lee Street was struck in the neck and head by gel pellets reportedly fired by three juveniles in a white or light-color four-door Hyundai passenger car.

Minutes later, an employee at Deacon Jones Auto Park was stopped for a stoplight on N. Brightleaf Boulevard at the dealership when he was struck. He reported minor injuries.

Around 1:15pm, four employees at the Johnston County Department of Social Services were outside their building on North Street when they were struck by the pellets. The employees were not injured.

Police believe the incidents could be part of a dangerous TikTok Orbeez challenge where juveniles videotape themselves firing frozen gel pellets at unsuspecting victims.

In March, seven juveniles were briefly detained after a similar incident in the Harris Teeter parking lot on Crossroads Way at Flowers Crossing near Clayton.

Anyone with information about the suspects in the May 4 incidents in Smithfield is urged to contact Smithfield Police at 919-934-2121. Callers may remain anonymous.


  1. If you want results you better call the Sheriff’s office instead. Smithfield doesn’t do much law enforcing.

  2. What. I’m just going to say what a lot of people are thinking. If this happens to me or someone in my family & I can get my hands on your little snot nosed privileged child I am going to spank him like you should have. This TIk Tok crap is ridiculous. Do today’s kids not have any common sense? Seriously attacking a 61 year old man that is just out walking.

  3. Once again, the TikTok challenges. People these dares are dangerous. A frozen gel pellet can put out an eye, permanently damage someone, or cause an accident or other dangerous situation. Take a look at what your children are looking at on this and all the other sites. The last incidents people made light if it. Wake up before someone is seriously hurt or killed. They could ruin their lives as well as others over foolish pranks and dares. Not the same kids most likely bit even ore concerning.

  4. Maybe they shoot at the wrong one and get a 9mm fired back in their car. Just a matter of time.

  5. Maybe if they had held the kids accountable when this happened at the Harris Teeter, maybe others would think twice. If they are minor, then the parents get the consequence! Parent Up People

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