Juveniles Detained Following Dangerous TikTok Challenge

Photo by John Payne

CLAYTON – Seven juveniles were briefly detained by authorities Saturday afternoon before being turned over to their parents following an incident in the parking lot of Harris Teeter on Crossroads Way at Flowers Crossing.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to the call at 1:23pm Saturday. A 48 year-old woman and her 10 year-old son were walking through the parking lot to enter Harris Teeter when both were shot from behind with frozen orange gel pellets. It is a dangerous TikTok challenge with injuries being reported across the United States.

Photo by John Payne

The woman said she noticed a group of several juveniles run after the incident. She gave chase and was aided by an off-duty State Trooper. A splatter ball gun was found near a pond.

There were unconfirmed reports several others were also shot in the parking lot as part of the “Orbeez challenge” but officers said they only took a report about one incident.

Photo by John Payne

Deputies arrived and spoke with the seven juveniles, ranging in age from 13 to 14, and then released them to their parents.

Officers are still investigating and have not determined if the teens will face charges in juvenile court.

The woman, who was struck several times in the head and face, and her juvenile son, was hit once in the neck. Both reportedly sustained minor injuries, however they declined medical treatment.


  1. So what were 13 and 14 year Olds doing out ar that time of morning except getting into trouble. Parents, please know what and where your kids are in this day and time. It is not like we were when we were younger. If you love them, look after them carefully. They can be gone too quickly today… prayers for them all.

      • 😂 again people read things and comment without paying attention to the facts. SMH… I was up there and saw this. One young girl was involved and several boys who were at the ice team place we’re witnesses and questioned. Amazing how the news blows this up to get people liked hyped.

  2. I’m sure it was some upper middle class white kids in this incident. If they were black they would have went to jail and from there picked up by their parents. All the kids (minors) should have been charged as an accessory to simple assault. Instead they will be the cool kids at school today and tic tok assaults keep going on and on. Too many concealed weapon permit holders in this area for foolish behavior like this, the kids were none lucky none of them were shot. FYI, I’m a white guy so keep foolish comments to yourself.

    • Ret. MSG you believing it was upper middle class white kids leads one to believe you look at color. Why even mention color? FYI we know why.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong Ret. MSG. The shooting culprit is NOT white! The MOST angry disrespectful student I have come across. May the student have an awakening to their EVIL ways. Jesus is the ONLY One to change this student.

  3. There’s enough surveillance camera’s in that shopping center to determine which children were involved. The sheriff’s office said there were seven juveniles involved, although only one shot the gun. When the sheriff’s office finishes their investigation I’m sure someone will be charged.

  4. This whole county behaves like a great big daycare center with no adults…sinners judging Sinner’s for sinning differently. It makes me nauseous. Ive lived here my whole life and I can’t wait to get the hell away from here. No one realizes that the entire rest of the country and most likely the world are laughing at us.

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