Slow Down! Police Cracking Down On Speeders

Police Chief Keith Powell (right) and Captain James Grady (left) install a radar device on a speed limit sign July 9, 2021 on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Police are cracking down on speeders on the residential street. Johnston County Report Photo

Smithfield Police are cracking down on speeders on a neighborhood street used as a cut-thru for some drivers going to Johnston Community College. Tuesday night, Alisa Bizzell spoke before the Smithfield Town Council expressing concern about drivers not obeying the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The street, off Brodgen Road next to I-95, is frequently used as a shortcut to the campus of Johnston Community College on College Road.

Following the complaint, Police Chief Keith Powell said officers stepped up patrols.

On Friday, police installed a radar sign that will store the speeds of all drivers. Additionally, police will run radar on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive looking for motorists traveling above the posted speed limit.

“The information was received at the council meeting in reference to speeding on Martin Luther King Drive,” Chief Powell said. “Officers with the department will be working to reduce the speed in the neighborhood.”

Bizzell said her mother lives along the street and is concerned for her safety. She said a speeding driver recently struck a parked car, but luckily there were no injuries.


  1. Wonderful. While you’re at it, how about cracking down on drivers blocking traffic waiting to get into Chick fil A and Cook Out.

  2. Unless they actually place cops on the street, folks will simply treat the new sign as a game and try to get the highest score.

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