Smithfield Gives The Go-Ahead For Major Subdivision

SMITHFIELD – In a unanimous decision, the Smithfield Town Council approved a massive residential housing development on West Market Street (US 70) in West Smithfield, across from an Amazon distribution warehouse currently under construction.

In August, Carolina Land Development LLC submitted plans for Floyd Landing, a 698-unit development, on a 198 acre tract of land, just outside the city limits, but the developer requested voluntary annexation.  151 acres of the site, roughly 75 percent, will remain undeveloped and open space.

Last month, council members voiced concern about the small average lot sizes, narrow streets, and limited parking.  The council tabled the request for 30 days to give developers time to work with town planning staff on the issues. At the September 7 meeting, a revised Master Plan was submitted, increasing the lot and street sizes, while addressing parking concerns.  The added size, reduced the total number of lots from 698 to 669.

The development, now called Wade Park, consists of 220 townhomes, 360 apartments and 89 single family homes.   The project will include several small private pocket parks with playground equipment. The apartment units will have a separate recreational building and swimming pool.        
Smithfield resident and town planning board member Mark Lane spoke during a public comment session pointing out the impact the large development could have on public schools.  Mayor Andy Moore said he met with Johnston County Public Schools earlier and the school board is aware of the subdivision.  Moore said he wants to make sure students in Smithfield go to school in a Smithfield school district.

Councilman David Barbour, who represents the West Smithfield area, said he appreciated the work the applicant had done to address concerns from council members at the August meeting. Barbour made a motion to approve the Wade Park (Floyd Landing) development. The motion passed 7-0.  

The council granted numerous variances in their Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to the developer.  For example, the minimum lot size in the zoning district is 10,000 square feet. The average lot size approved was 5,175 square feet.  Minimum lot width is 70 foot by code, but the board approved 45 foot lot widths.  Single family streets must be 34 foot wide by code.  Wade Park was granted approval for 31 foot wide streets. 

Finally, town UDO ordinances require homes to have 24 square feet of enclosed storage per unit.  A variance was granted to allow for storage units to be available for residents to rent. 

The Smithfield Planning Board had recommended 100 foot buffers on the north and south ends of the subdivision. The council approved a 100 foot buffer on the south side but only a 50 foot buffer on the north side.


  1. You just can’t stop wondering on how much corruption runs in Smithfield and the Johnston County Commision. Hate to say it but money must have flowed like the Neuse river does while flooding to approve this.

    • And this is why we need to look at election fraud not just at national and state races but also local and county races. The extra voters don’t just happen at the top!

  2. Overcrowded roads and schools, the county is OUT of both water and sewer discharge capacity. I guess since this development is so close to the river, they will just run a pipe? Section 8 here we come….what a ridiculous decision by this town council.

  3. I would prefer to see the approval of higher end housing instead of apartments and townhouses. If you want to improve the economic status of the area, build houses that invite sustainable tenants.

  4. So, 75% (150 acres) of the property will remain open & undeveloped, but exemptions from zoning restrictions will allow 220 townhomes, 360 apartments, & 89 single family homes on small lots, w/ narrow streets to be built on 25% (47 acres) of the property? Sounds like the perfect place to live for those concerned about what the neighbors are up to.

  5. Few cried about Amazon coming in. This will give all those “sustainable” Amazon employees a convenient place to live and will give a much needed economic boost to the west side of Smithfield which sadly needs it. And for those sticking their noses up at affordable housing, maybe you should move to the east side of Clayton where all of the money flows anyways. (Ask the people in the west side of Clayton along Highway 42 who have been ignored for years in favor of the higher end of Clayton.)

    • The east side of Clayton is already far too crowded as it is. I wish all those developers would focus on other parts of Clayton.

  6. We did not want Amazon and we sure as h*ll don’t want this crappy development! As someone else already stated, all they have done is add to a problem of overpopulated a once sustainable county. Best believe some palms got grease for Amazon and this “development”!

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