Smithfield Resident Announces Candidacy For Johnston County School Board

SMITHFIELD – Stuart Ashby Lee filed Monday for a seat on the Johnston County Board of Education. “I am the proud father of two daughters that are currently in Johnston County Public Schools and I am committed towards working diligently on behalf of our students, schools, parents and community,” said Lee.

“With a steadfast and productive school board that is focused on building stronger schools that fairly and equally empower students, teachers and the community, I know that we can see Johnston County Schools become a celebrated example.”

“My family moved to Johnston County in 2009 because of the community and the quality of education that the county’s public schools offered. Since then, a great deal of the Johnston County Public School Board’s focus has been external to what is best for our students,” said Lee.

“As a member of the Johnston County Public School Board I will solely be focused on building the strongest schools for our county and what is best for educating and preparing students – not the outside distractions that deter us.”

Lee was graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Mass Communications. He has a background in education, government, community development and revitalization, agriculture, environmental science, and mass communication.

He has worked for Lexington County Public Schools, Department of State, Department of Commerce, United States Department of Agriculture, served as a Team Lead for the White House Special Council for Strong Cities and Strong Communities, and has been a Principal Advisory Board Member since 2012.

Mr. Lee is currently the Chair of the Smithfield Appearance Commission and has volunteered in Johnston County Public Schools, leading grade-wide education competitions and volunteered in classrooms, and served on PTA. He is also a member of many community organizations and a Deacon at his church.

“I am the product of strong teachers, great schools and a supportive community,” said Lee. “It is because of these things and getting to know, respect and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of the people within my community that I feel a call to serve and give back.”

Stuart lives in Smithfield with his wife Alicia and two daughters.

Lee is committed to not accepting any campaign donations.


  1. Mr. Stewart Ashby Lee have you renounced your teachers Union membership yet and do you think we want to replace the Past President of the teachers union Terri Sessoms with you another liberal liberal progressive liberal? This is why they love the school board to be so-called unaffiliated so they can hide thier mark of the D beside of thier name.

  2. We need to ask the hard questions and watch all the candidates responses to ensure we get true conservative patriots in all seats! We need to take back our schools and county!!

  3. Funny how some see him as an political enemy when all he said was he he was for good schools and community. He has my vote!

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