Social Workers Raise Money For Animal Shelter

Front row (left to right): Animal Services Director Chad Massengill, Julie Norris, Jennifer Gaddis, Donna Hatcher. Second row: Elizabeth Long, April Phillips. Third row: Lidia Solis, April Espinal, Angela Clark. Fourth row: Danielle Wadsworth, Rebecca Boone, Pamela Snead.

Employees with the Johnston County Department of Social Services complete many community projects each year.  Whether they are helping with beautification projects around their facilities, volunteering with Special Olympics or raising money for Harbor’s Walk-A-Mile, they are always willing to help.

Social service workers recently held a fundraiser where the employees had a chance to help members of the 4-legged community.  Each employee was given the chance to donate $5 with 100 percent of the proceeds going to benefit the Johnston County Animal Shelter.  A total of $685 was raised.

“All fur-baby families realize the value that animals bring to our lives, and we felt that giving to Johnston County Animal Services would help bring joy to more families as well”, says Julie Norris, President of Johnston County DSS Membership Association.

“I would like to say thank you very much and on behalf of the friends of Johnston County Animal Services, this donation is greatly appreciated”, says Chad Massengill, Director of Johnston County Animal Services.

If you would like to make a donation to the Johnston County Animal Shelter, or would like more information regarding adopting a pet, please contact the Johnston County Animal Shelter at 919-934-8474.