State Of The County Address Presented By Chairman Lawter

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Johnston County Commission Chairman Butch Lawter presented Monday night the annual State of the County Address.

For the first time ever, the State of the County Address was presentation was in a taped video format.

Lawter said the County is actively planning for the future. The chairman spoke about economic growth, parks and greenways, the need for greater internet access, challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in public safety, construction of a new Amazon distribution center near Smithfield, and work on a comprehensive land use plan, among other things.


  1. Sad that greedy county commissioners ruined this county with all these developers moving in. These developers have paid not one dime to upgrade the infrastructure. Sad what has become of this place all for mighty greed.

  2. I wish they would stop approving all of these subdivisions. It’s getting near impossible to travel in this county. Increasing tax revenue rarely is a winning proposition. More homes requires more police, more fire, more school, more utilities, more roads and increases taxes to pay for all of these. The net is a loss.

  3. Seems the county is trying hard to sugarcoat reality. All these subdivisions on every corner are ruining this county. Not everyone wants Amazon, not everyone benefits from unbridled development. Our quality of life is decreasing, not increasing. I fear this land use plan will be too little to late because the county commissioners have been asleep for years as Rome burned.

  4. How can any “state of the county” fail to make any mention of public education and the need for additional schools?

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