Student Struck By Car Near Bus Stop

SMITHFIELD – A Smithfield youth is recovering from injuries after being struck by a car near a bus stop on North Street and N. Fourth Street.

Police said the accident happened around 6:23am Dec. 1st. The 17 year-old student was running on the shoulder when he darted into the path of a car traveling through the intersection on North Street.

Police said a public school bus was approaching the bus stop but had not come to a complete stop and had not activated its red stop lights nor the mechanical stop sign when the collision occurred.

The student was transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The driver of the car, Brayan Estuardo Zuleta-Castro of Smithfield, stopped and remained at the scene. Zuleta-Castro was cited for driving without a license and having a revoked registration plate.

“The student in this particular incident was going to a stop that was actually not assigned to him, and was crossing a street he wouldn’t typically have to cross. The student has a bus stop already assigned to him at his home. With all of that being said – JCPS is constantly reviewing our procedures and routes for safety. Our student and staff safety is our number one priority. We ask our community members to help us be vigilant in our efforts for safety, and to be mindful of our students who are traveling to their bus stops or waiting at their bus stops,” said Caitlin Furr, Executive Director of Communication for Johnston County Public Schools.


  1. Just got to say it. Another case of irresponsibility even though he stopped and waited. The car should not have been driven with no valid registration and the driver should not have been driving because he had no license. I really think charges should be upgraded in cases like this to assault with a deadly weapon you were not licensed to use. We need to get more serious with our laws being violated by sheer negligence and unconcern. I pray for the injured to recover soon.

      • Who said anything about immigrants Jimmy? What are you focused on? I want law and order, not lawlessness.

    • “irresponsible ” is 100% correct. What kind of person “darts into the path of an oncoming car?!?!” Parents today can’t even be bothered to teach their children to stay out of the street! You’re right @CarlMatthews, we do need to get more serious about our laws, and holding PARENTS responsible for the actions of their minor children:
      – Kid darting into traffic
      – Kid going to a bus stop he wasn’t assigned to
      – Kid crossing a street that isn’t normally crossed.

      Seems pretty obvious who is at fault in this situation.

      • I said nothing about fault for the accident. The child was obviously at fault. My comment was about the lawlessness of people who are driving illegally. By the way, maybe the child missed the bus and was running to catch up to it at the next block. I feel very sorry for the parents and the child. Next time, get your facts straight.

        • @CarlMatthews: You implied that the driver was irresponsibility. I’m suggesting that the “irresponsibility” belonged to the child and (because he’s a minor) his parents. The “lawlessness” of the driver has no impact on the accident. The failure of people to take responsibility for *their own actions* (in this case, the student and his parents) should be the real outrage here! This country has become a “not my fault” and “blame the other person” cesspool. Until people TAKE RESPONSIBLITY nothing will change. As far as “getting the facts straight” — there’s NOTHING in the article about the student missing the bus and running to catch it at the next block. That’s PURE conjecture on your part. “Alternative facts” such as yours is the other reason this country is in its current condition. You’re feeling sorry for the wrong people: Why not feel sorry for the driver who was forced to hit the child? Or feel sorry for the taxpayers who now have to pay for the investigation and ensuing court cases? All which could be be avoided if the STUDENT and HIS PARENTS take responsibility for their actions. #StopBlamingOtherPeople #OwnYourActions

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