Students Arrive To Classrooms With No Heat

A number of elementary school students arrived at their classrooms this morning (Tuesday) only to find there wasn’t any heat. It happened at Four Oaks Elementary School.

Johnston County Schools spokesperson Dolores Gill said a section of the school had a “tripped unit this morning.”  Gill said it has taken some time for the classrooms to warm up. Those classes were relocated to other sections of the elementary school. Parents who wanted to take their child home could do so today without penalty, Gill stated.

Overnight temperatures dropped into the 20’s with early morning wind chills in the mid-teens in some areas.

A concerned parent notified JoCoReport about the issue, saying it was a continual problem at Four Oaks Elementary and the HVAC units should have been replaced years ago.  We reached out to school officials about their concerns.  We are awaiting a reply from Johnston County School administrators about the age and condition of the HVAC units.