Students Learn About Money Management

To aid in financial education efforts for students, Johnston County Public Schools and State Employees’ Credit Union partnered together to present The Reality of Money, a financial simulations activity for teens.

The simulation will give students a peek into the future, as they are “transformed” into young adults with jobs, debt, families and other real-world responsibilities. This activity will provide a glimpse into The Reality of Money.

Princeton High will be the first to host the simulation for the school’s juniors on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Volunteers will help the students through 12 hands-on stations where they will have to make decisions about housing, transportation, and other monthly expenses.

Students will be exposed to various financial learning points, such as the value of furthering education after high school, the limiting effect of bad credit on their lifestyle choices, and how “living within their means” allows them to save for their future.

Juniors will participate in the exercise from 9:20 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. in Deacon Jones Gym.

The Reality of Money simulation will also take place for students at West Johnston High on Nov. 14, at Clayton High on Nov. 29, and South Johnston High on March 7.

In a similar, hands-on simulation, students from across the district were invited by the Department of Social Services to participate in the Johnston County Real World Summit at Temple Baptist Church on Oct. 25.

At the Real World Summit, teens will receive a simulation of what living in the real world consists of financially with bills, budgeting, career choices, and education choices.

The summit was made available to young adults ages 16-21 in Johnston County. The event is expected to begin on Thursday, Oct. 25th at 8 a.m.

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