Superintendent Addresses Recent Racial And Political Issues With Open Letter

SMITHFIELD – Monday afternoon, Johnston County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim Causby released an Open Letter to school students, staff and parents.  The letter was in response to recent instances of improper behavior involving some students.

Dr. Causby said the letter was not directed towards any specific incident, however it does come days after some Corinth Holders High students reportedly brought a Donald Trump banner to the Smithfield Selma High School basketball game. Corinth Holders students then reportedly began taunting Hispanic SSS students in the crowd.

Earlier this year, some students from Corinth Holders High reportedly made inappropriate comments joined on a racist anti-black social media group page.

Dr. Causby reiterated his letter was not directed towards any specific school or group of students as other incidents have also occurred, rather he wanted to bring attention to and address the “insensitivity.”

Click Here To Read The Letter  

The school superintendent told JoCoReport that several forums will take place in the near future to continue to discuss recent racial and politically insensitive issues.