Teacher Dies After Being Struck By Bus

An elementary school teacher was struck and killed by a bus on school grounds Tuesday morning.

Goldsboro-Fatality-2The tragedy occurred at the Meadow Lane Elementary School on E. Ash Street in Goldsboro.  Brandon Kincaid, 25, a second grade teacher at the school, was struck in the school’s parking lot by a private bus driven by Ray Batts, an employee of Small Word Daycare Center.  Kincaid was rushed to the hospital where he died.   

Goldsboro Police said they were investigating the accident to determine how it occurred.

Brandon-KincaidA total of 639 students attend Meadow Lane Elementary, according to Ken Derksen Public Information Officer for Wayne County Schools. About 175 students were picked up early by their families.  The district Crisis Team, made up of school psychologists and school counselors, were on site and available to speak with students. The team will return to the school on Wednesday and remain at Meadow Lane as long as needed, Derksen said.

School officials confirmed the accident was witnessed by some students. Extra support is being provided to those students.  

Kincaid was completing his second year as a second grade teacher at the school. A total of 21 students were in his class and all those students will be provided assistance as needed.  Photos by John Payne