Teen Caught With Counterfeit Money

A Johnston County teenager is accused of having marijuana and counterfeit money in her possession after a vehicle she was in was stopped by Smithfield Police.

On March 6th, an officer stopped a car for having an expired license plate on Smithfield Crossings Drive.

Police said they found two counterfeit $100 bills and one counterfeit $20 bill, along with a small amount of suspected marijuana in the possession of 16 year-old Gabrrielle Padron Chavez of Clayton.

Police Chief Keith Powell said the items were found in her purse.   Two others in the vehicle were also charged with misdemeanor drug violations.


  1. It pays to know who your kid’s are hanging out with,and pay close attention who there friends are. I always tell mine… you hang with trash,you will become known as trash. You’re as good as you choose 2 be. You have a choice in every situation,whether it’s good or bad.

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