Town Of Archer Lodge Oaths Of Office

The Town of Archer Lodge held their Oath of Office ceremony for newly elected officials on December 4th. Longtime planning board member W.R. Dean Jr. was also recognized.

Councilmember Mark Wilson was sworn in by Ms. Debbie Barnes, Notary Public. Pictured are Ms. Barnes, and Mr. & Mrs. Wilson and family.
Matt Mulhollem was elected by the Archer Lodge Town Council as Mayor Pro Tem and sworn in by Michelle Ball, Johnston County Clerk of Superior Court. Pictured are Mrs. Ball, and Mr. & Mrs. Mulhollem and family.
Mayor Mike Gordon presented W. R. Dean, Jr. an Award of Recognition for his loyal service on the Archer Lodge Planning Board from January 2010 through December 2017. Pictured are Mayor Gordon and Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Dean, Jr.